Understanding the Insecurity Test From Women

2009 June 24

Yes, it’s true…

She wants, no, she NEEDS to hear you say “I Love You” more often (emphasis intended!).

Women are emotional and often times insecure about their man… so she tests you with “Do you love me” and what she means is “Do you love me enough?”

Don’t get pulled down by her insecurity. But you do need to deal with it… and this is a big part of what you’ll find in “Unbreakable”.

Whether you’ve just started dating, or you live together, the “Do you love me test” is going to be a big hurdle for you to cross and you only get ONE chance to really be able to reassure her that you do.

This is a big part of removing the blocks that stop you from really connecting with women.

Women want The Social Man!

Read more in “Unbreakable”.

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